What’s New In The Summit English Classroom?

Summit is pleased to introduce our new English teacher – Hayden Marshall! Hayden joined the Summit Academic department after having been a field guide in both the Summit Achievement and Summit Traverse programs, so he was no stranger to our community, staff or student profile. 

Originally from Massachusetts, Hayden moved out west to Utah to get his Bachelor’s degree. This led to working in outdoor education – guiding professionally and using the outdoors as a modality to teach for various organizations and programs. He moved back to New England in 2023 to take a position at Summit Achievement. You can read more about Hayden’s background and experience before coming to Summit here

Hayden has adjusted really well to life in the classroom. Our students in Summit Achievement are in School 3 days a week, while our Summit Traverse students attend school 5 days a week – so Hayden and the rest of our faculty get ample time with each and every student in their subject-specific classrooms. In the English classroom, Hayden not only supports students as they complete their individual curriculums dependent on grade level, but he also supports students with the written work that they need to complete in order to move through our programs. Students at Summit do a fair amount of both reading and writing for their therapeutic  “level” work, and they can get both academic credit and support for that work in the classroom. Says Hayden, “Having worked as a guide at Summit it is eye opening to see just how much different and unique students are inside the classroom as opposed to outside. Recently I have been supporting students while they work on level work assignments in class, so that they can receive academic credit for their hard work on those assignments— something that is brand new to the academic program! It allows me to provide input and set them up for success when they share this level work with their peers, therapist, and parents.”
Because Summit Achievement is an accredited school as well as a licensed residential treatment center for teens, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our students with excellent academic support and guidance while they are with us. A huge part of that commitment is having a faculty to support students in the classroom, which is why we are so grateful for teachers like Hayden who not only give academic support and instruction, but also help to foster a sense of confidence and set students up for success in the classroom.

Summit Achievement is a unique therapeutic program guided by choice and positive reinforcement. Our outcome-focused program is both a licensed Residential Treatment Center and an accredited boarding school. Our students are teens struggling with depression, anxiety, school refusal substance abuse, and other mental health challenges. Our hybrid model allows students to experience the therapeutic benefits of outdoor adventure-based activities while also learning to manage the demands of a more traditional academic environment. We also offer a short-term therapeutic boarding school, Summit Traverse, for students transitioning from residential treatment back home or to a traditional environment. An intentionally small, owner-operated, all gender program, we work with students ages 13-20, from around the world. We are located in Stow, Maine.

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