Understanding Blended Learning at Summit Achievement & Summit Traverse 

Summit’s academic program is unique among those offered at residential treatment programs or wilderness/adventure therapy programs for many reasons. Our basic model is one that stands out because it involves not simply remote learning or credit recovery, but blended learning with subject-specific teachers. Furthermore, we are accredited as a private high school. We are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), an internationally recognized accrediting body, and licensed by the state of Maine as a private boarding school.  We are able to award 1/2 credits, 1/4 credits and even diplomas when necessary.  In addition, we are able to honor work done at other institutions to piece together a quarter or semester and issue combined credit.

So what exactly is blended learning? At Summit Achievement and Summit Traverse, blended learning means our students integrates face-to-face teacher facilitated instruction, a computer-mediated curriculum, and self-study with the same therapeutic support used in other parts of the program. 

Students are all enrolled in classes that are specific to their academic goals, needs, and grade level. These classes are facilitated through an online platform which is self-paced and integrates modeludes focused on building different academic skills through study of the subject matter. While working on this material, students are mentored and supported by subject-specific teachers in the classroom. They have the benefit of being surrounded by peers for discussion, projects and support when necessary. 

The academic benefits of blended learning are many, especially when compared to other academic approaches in residential treatment or wilderness/adventure therapy programs. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Individualized and flexible academic plans 
  1. Stay “on track” with grade level and academic goals
  2. Preview next semester
  3. Review last semester

  • Keeps self-confidence up for students who thrive with academics  
  • Help struggling students find traction
  • Evaluate pacing and proficiency while in treatment.
  • Fits the “allied-based” approach (motivational interviewing).

To learn more about our academic program, visit our website. You are also encouraged to reach out to our admissions team at any time to discuss our programs and the enrollment process further.