Enrollment Process

We’re Here To Answer Your Questions

We know you’ll have questions, and we want to be helpful in getting you the information you need to make an informed decision about your child and your family. If you have any questions about the programs, application process or any aspect of our organization, please contact our our Admissions Director Shannon Palentchar through the Admissions Office by phone (207) 447-9450.

Submitting an Application

Summit Achievement accepts students throughout the year on a rolling admissions basis.

Enrollments are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday each week.

Special arrangements may be made for admissions at other times. This allows Summit to respond promptly to escalating difficulties within a family and enables parents to quickly place their teen in a safe environment where problems can be assessed and treated.

Applicant families are asked to complete and submit an application. Occasionally we might ask for you to submit an Authorization to Release Information so the clinical team can obtain information from other professionals who have provided services to the applicant. Apply online now.

Applicant Screening Process

Upon receipt of the application materials, the Admissions Department will review all information and materials provided to ensure that the application is complete. Following this preliminary review, the Admissions Director presents the candidate’s application to the Clinical Department for discussion and determination of candidacy for admission. An admission decision or request for additional information typically follows within one to two business days. Additional information on financial assistance or educational loan financing is available from the Admissions Department.

For additional information on program fees or financial assistance, contact the Admission Director, or visit our financing page.


If the student is accepted into the program, parents are asked to complete enrollment forms, which include the following:

  • Permissions and consents for program participation
  • Payment and health insurance information
  • Other documents required for enrollment

Parents are also provided with tips for preparing the teen for enrollment and a list of recommended clothing and personal items the teen should bring to the program.

Participation in the Summit Achievement program is voluntary.  Each student must understand and accept enrollment in the program. This may not mean that the teen likes the idea or is eager to participate, but it does mean that the teen understands that their current situation is not working and something must change.

We request that parents accompany their teen to the program, participate in the enrollment process, and meet the assigned therapist who will be working with their child. For parents who feel they may need help or support in gaining their teen’s cooperation with the enrollment process, Summit may be able to suggest additional resources and tips. Please contact the Admissions Director to discuss your family’s unique situation.