Summit Presents to Newport Healthcare

Unlocking Potential: Summit Achievement Inspires at Newport Healthcare Presentation

In the dynamic landscape of mental health and therapeutic interventions, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential for the betterment of individuals facing challenges. Recently, Nichol Ernst, Co-Owner, CEO & Clinical Director of Summit Achievement and Summit Traverse, had the privilege of presenting to colleagues at Newport Healthcare, a leading provider of mental health services. This intersection of expertise and dedication promises to open new avenues for teenagers and their families seeking transformative experiences and mental health treatment on their journey to wellness.

Founded with a vision to empower individuals and promote personal growth, Summit Achievement has been a trailblazer in the field of experiential education and therapeutic interventions. Our unique approach combines adventure therapy, academics, and therapeutic modalities to create a comprehensive and immersive healing environment.

  • Adventure Therapy Redefined

Summit Achievement’s adventure therapy goes beyond traditional methods. Incorporating the therapeutic benefits of outdoor activities and wilderness experiences, we foster personal growth, resilience, and interpersonal skills in its participants through safe, fun, and exciting experiences in the outdoors.

  • Focus on Family

At Summit Achievement, we continuously strive to maintain the highest level of family involvement because we know it increases positive outcomes for students and their families. The Summit Achievement therapist serves as the primary contact and communication liaison between student and parent.  This master’s level therapist is responsible for fully integrating the student’s parents into their treatment process. Additionally, we offer visits with family, parent coaching, an innovative family curriculum, and parent/family resources such as support groups and psychoeducational webinars. 

Newport Healthcare is renowned for its commitment to providing quality mental health services. Specializing in residential treatment, Newport Healthcare offers comprehensive programs designed to address the unique needs of adolescents and young adults facing mental health challenges.

  • Comprehensive Care Ecosystem

Like Summit Achievement, Newport Healthcare’s integrated approach includes psychiatric care, individual and group therapy, academic support, and family involvement. This comprehensive care ecosystem aligns with the diverse needs of their clients.

  • Innovative Therapeutic Models

Newport Healthcare continually explores innovative therapeutic models to enhance the effectiveness of their programs. The collaboration with Summit Achievement is a testament to their dedication to staying at the forefront of therapeutic innovation.

Collaboration: Summit Achievement & Newport Healthcare

The recent presentation by Summit Achievement for colleagues at Newport Healthcare represents a union of two industry leaders with a shared commitment to transforming lives. The collaborative efforts aim to bring about positive change by combining Summit Achievement’s expertise in experiential education and boutique mental health services for struggling teens with Newport Healthcare’s comprehensive mental health services. As colleagues and partners in the field of mental healthcare for adolescents, Summit Achievement and Newport both understand the importance of excellence in clinical services and individualized treatment for our clients.