Academics as Part of the Treatment for Anxiety: An Integral Part of the Therapeutic rocess

Since 1996 Summit Achievement has incorporated school as an integral part of our program model.  This model was essential to our founders as, at the time, they witnessed students leaving wilderness therapy programs and returning to boarding schools without knowing how to apply what they learned in the wilderness back into the classroom.  Our society […]

Why I left Outpatient Therapy to be a therapist at a Residential Therapeutic Program.

By Mike Deluca, LCSW I am writing to preface this post by saying I was an outpatient therapist for four years and I loved it! I also deeply respect my fellow outpatient therapists and their critical role in the continuum of care for clients. This post is intended to highlight some of the critical differences […]

Summit Renews AEE Accreditation

Summit Achievement has just successfully completed our third, vigorous re-accreditation process by the Association for Experiential Education for Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Programs and subsequently has been awarded accreditation for another six years!  Summit was the second in the nation to be initially accredited in 2015, and is now the first Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program in […]

Safe Struggles at Summit Achievement

The following Summit Blog Post is the lightly edited transcripts of the Autism and Neurodiversity Podcast hosted by Jason and Debbie Grygla. This episode is with Nichol Ernst, our executive director, in which he talks about how Summit Achievement works with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Non-Verbal Learning Disorders.  To listen to this episode titled click  “Safe […]

Eight tips to help find the best Wilderness Therapy Program for your teen or young adult

by Will White, DA, LCSW, MLADC CSW, MLADC       Over 25 years ago, I was part of the team that started Summit Achievement, the country’s first hybrid model wilderness therapy program. Before joining Summit, I practiced as a licensed mental health professional in various organizations, including an outpatient mental health clinic, boarding school, hospital, public […]

Empowering Young Women: The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy for Teen Girls

By Caitlyn Cook, LCPC, ATR-BC, Clinical Director of Summit Achievement                Read the below blog post or watch this new video with Caitlyn talking about the benefits of wilderness therapy for teen girls. When you find your adolescent daughter struggling with anxiety and depression, your first thought might not […]

Wilderness, A Catalyst for Change in Treatment

By Mike DeLuca, LCSW Since the days of vision quests in the wild by First Nation youth, or much later in the 1960s when the Colorado Outward Bound School first started using wilderness to foster resiliency, character, and compassion in American youth, humans have sought out wild places for catalysts for change and transformation.  Why does […]