How to Receive Insurance Reimbursement for Summit Achievement Treatment Services

We receive insurance type questions quite often at Summit Achievement. While Summit does not have direct contracts with any insurance companies, some parents have been able to get reimbursed for part, or all of their child’s stay in the program.

It is best to call your insurance company first before enrolling into the program if you are dependent on your insurance company to pay for services and check on your “out-of-network” services for residential placement.


It is important to recognize that there are thousands of insurance companies and each one has its own unique ways to reimburse or deny payment. Summit does not deal directly with insurance companies but will provide you with forms that you can submit for reimbursement.

We have found with persistence that many of our parents do get some reimbursement, so don’t give up.


The best way for families to begin the reimbursement process is to engage with one of these two claims assistance companies, Denials Management or Axis Services in the early stages of your child’s stay at Summit or prior to enrollment.

They both provide excellent assistance in helping families get reimbursement and have helped many Summit families. Both of these companies will be clear with you from the start if they think you have a case for reimbursement. Their fee structures are different and it is important to consider before engaging one of these companies.

Denials Management charges an hourly fee, whereas Axis takes a percentage of anything they recoup from the insurance company.


If you do not think you will get insurance reimburse for services but feel you meet the criteria for financial aid then Summit has a fund that is administered by another organization called the Sky’s the Limit Fund. They do the financial vetting for families to see if they fit the criteria for a grant. After your child is accepted into the Summit program, and before we enroll your child, please  contact Sky’s the Limit Fund.

After two to three days they will inform you if you qualify for a grant and how much you will be given.

Summit will match grants from the Sky’s The Limit Fund.


We want to help and will do our best to steer you in the right direction. Summit Achievement is a licensed and accredited medium length residential treatment program that operates in Maine. We do all we can to assist families gain access to Summit’s care.

So please connect with us if there are financials hurdles in the way.