Fall is in the air… so it school at Summit Achievement!

The trees are showing signs of color and the air is just slightly crisper in the mornings– Fall is almost upon us! Along with that change comes the start of school, and for many adolescents and their families, a sense of anxiety about the academic year. At Summit Achievement, our carefully cultivated, newly accredited academic program is exactly what our students need during treatment to set them up for success when they return to school. Because of our robust academic program, students enrolling this Fall will have the opportunity to take classes they would otherwise be taking in school, but with the added therapeutic support of our licensed program. 

For over 25 years Summit Achievement has been offering a hybrid residential treatment program, with students splitting the week between campus – focused on academics – and time “in the field” doing adventure therapy. The enriched academic program has always been integral to our model, helping decades worth of students achieve both clinical and educational goals. What makes the Summit academic program different from other educational options during treatment? 

Accredited Academics – As of the 2022-2023 school year, Summit’s Academic program is accredited as a private school by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). This means that we can offer students full – or partial – credit in any subject that they take while with us, from core class to our wilderness-skills elective. 

In-classroom instruction – Our students use an online, individualized curriculum for their classes, however school work is done in classrooms with subject-specific teachers for in-person instruction, academic coaching and advising. 

Integration with treatment – At Summit Achievement, academic work is not seen simply as a packet of work to fill downtime, but rather as part of the treatment model. The classroom is just as important a place to practice and hone therapeutic skills as any, and our therapists are integrated into the academic journey. 

Academically minded discharge planning – When planning for discharge from either Summit Achievement or Summit Traverse (our short-term, therapeutic boarding school), our clinical team and Academic Director take a holistic approach, taking academic goals and readiness into account when helping families plan for next steps. 

Continuum of care

Summit offers a short-term therapeutic boarding school, Summit Traverse, (2 month minimum).  Students can transition seamlessly from Achievement to Traverse, where they attend school 5-days per week while integrating time at home and testing their readiness to attend traditional school at the next natural break in the school calendar.  Traverse is also a great option for students graduating from other wilderness programs who need a semester in a therapeutic setting to practice reintegrating school and working more intensely with their family system, including extended visits home.   

If you think Summit Achievement or Summit Traverse is right for your teenager or emerging adult, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Admissions Director is always happy to talk with families.