Summit Achievement Begins Working With Insurance

Summit Achievement Announces Partnership With Bridgeway Billing 

Starting July 1st, 2024, Summit began an official partnership with Bridgeway Billing, an insurance billing and advocacy firm. This is an exciting opportunity for Summit and for current and future families because with Bridgeway’s help, it is the leadership team’s hope to be able to streamline the process of getting insurance reimbursement for treatment. Both Summit Achievement (primary residential treatment) and Summit Traverse (short term, therapeutic boarding school) families will be eligible to bill their insurance through Bridgeway. Current families were also able to start taking advantage of this partnership starting in July. 

First and foremost, using Bridgeway/insurance is completely optional. The max a family will pay out of pocket will be $800/day for Achievement and $700/day for Traverse. 

The Summit team has committed to cooperating fully with Bridgeway by providing all required documentation needed to bill insurance at the highest level of care available to the family. Students in Achievement may be eligible to receive reimbursement at the Residential level of care. Students in Traverse may be eligible for reimbursement at the PHP (Partial hospitalization) or IOP (Intensive Outpatient) levels of care. When a family is referred to Summit , they will be instructed to submit a VOB (verification of benefits) during the admissions process. This will help to give them a realistic picture of what they might be able to expect in terms of insurance reimbursement. 

The decision to begin partnering with Bridgeway Billing is one that leadership firmly believes furthers the Summit mission of providing the most comprehensive, quality treatment. It is also true that by allowing families more opportunities to use insurance benefits to cover treatment, Summit will continue with the commitment to making treatment more accessible. The hope is to see families finding more success in using their insurance benefits to cover the cost of treatment through this efficient and streamlined process.