Student Reflection: After 3 months at home

Now, after three months of being home, I want to write and tell everybody how I am doing.  I talked to Nichol earlier today, and I decided to write all of this so I could send it to everyone at Summit.  Actually I talked to Nichol yesterday because it is 1:00 AM.  I was laying in bed and I got the thought in my head about writing this.  And anybody who has worked with me knows that once I get a thought in my head, its in there and its not going to leave me alone.  I have been home for a while, and things are going great.  Home life has improved so much since before Summit, its insane.  Just writing about my thoughts the night before I went to Summit was crazy.  Those things that I wrote about, the cutting, the suicidal thoughts, not liking my family, they all seem so foreign to me.  I am happy right now.  I have confidence in myself, and I am proud of who I am.  I do not think of killing myself.  That thought is just so out of my reality.  I am happy.  That is something I thought I would never say, before I went to Summit.  The change that has been made is astounding.  I love myself now.  Before Summit I didn’t even like myself.  I destroyed my body, and my mind.  I like my family again.  They are so amazing and now that I love myself I can love them.  All in all, I am 1,000,000 times better than I was before I went to Summit.  I cannot thank everybody there enough.  I hope all of the people who I worked with there read this.  All of you are my family.  You stuck with me through tough times and through good.  You helped me reach my full potential as a brother, son, friend, and person.  I cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

School is going very well.  I love my school, and I have made some very good friends there already.  I was in the winter performance of Beauty and the Beast, and I loved it.  I am doing drama currently, again.  We are putting on a show called Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Show.  It should be really cool.  I play a part of an undercover detective.  I love doing drama, and the community there is amazing.  I got all A’s and one B on my report card for the winter trimester.  I am very proud of myself.  The anxiety around school is minimal also, which is amazing.  I can actually enjoy going to school, and seeing people, without being ready to throw up every time I walk through the front doors.

                  This correspondence was used with the express permission of the student