Daily Life at Ascent

At Summit Ascent we split our weeks between time spent on our campus, a local college campus, participating in a job shadow, and time spent out on adventure expeditions. While students are on campus they sleep in cabins with their group and attend classes with our teachers during the day. On Friday we pack up and head out on 3-day expeditions.


Campus Day: Sample Day on Campus 

6:30am Wake up, Showers, Walks, or Exercise

7:30am Breakfast—Hot and cold choices such as awesome granola, cold cereal, eggs, fresh fruit, pancakes.

8:00am Community Chores  

8:30am School—Small classes with no more than eight students in our Academic Building. Teachers are always there for support, individual therapy sessions also occur during this time.

12:00pm Lunch—Hot and cold choices as well as a salad bar and sandwiches.

12:30pm Community Chores

1:00pm School

3:45pm Daily group, Internet free time, any necessary study hall.  

6:00pm Dinner- Hot and cold choices as well as a salad bar. 

6:30pm Community Chores 

7:00pm Packing gear/food for upcoming wilderness expedition  

9:00pm Free time in the cabin

10:00pm Bedtime 

White Mountain Community College

College day: Sample Day at WMCC  

6:30am Wake up

7:30am Depart for North Conway, New Hampshire  

8:00am Purchase breakfast at a local breakfast spot 

9:00am Begin classes at WMCC in North Conway  

Noon    Lunch break  

1pm  Afternoon classes and/or job shadow  

5pm  Return to campus, free time  

6:00pm  Dinner 

6:30pm  Community chores 

7:00pm  Daily group, free time

10:00pm  Bedtime  


Expeditions: Days, when you’re out on an expedition, will look different depending on the time of year, or activity that you’re doing.  We head out on expeditions on Saturday and return on Monday. 

Some examples of the activities you might do on expedition are:

  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Snowshoeing 
  • Canoeing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Repelling
  • Tyrolean Traverse
  • Ice Climbing