Worried About Growing Anxiety and Depression in Your Teen?

Anxiety is challenging for young people and their families and Summit Achievement is here to help.

We know that many productive, engaged, and happy children can become withdrawn and sullen to the point of not being able to leave their house or their rooms by the time they reach their teens due to anxiety and depression.

Parents are becoming increasingly worried about their troubled teen who may be:

  • refusing to attend school
  • constantly on the internet or video gaming
  • suffering from panic attacks
  • displaying signs of substance use
  • showing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

We are here to help because we care.

We have spent the last 24 years developing a highly effective licensed program that can help treat anxiety and depression for young people and their families.


We help through a combination of residential treatment, classroom academics, and outdoor adventures in an evidence-based and clinically-driven community.  We focus on an allied-based relationship with young people and their families that is based on honest and open communication directed at addressing anxiety and depression.

We help through a caring community of dedicated helping professionals.

Summit Featured On Today Show


We understand that you may think this is just a sales pitch so we want to share with you a news piece that the Today Show did on Summit Achievement.  Summit Achievement had no input into the piece and trusted that our model would speak for itself.  A segment titled, “Outdoor Therapy Program Provides Healing for Anxious Teens,” on the Today Show website was focused on how Summit Achievement treats anxious teens with its wilderness therapy, classroom academics and residential setting.  The segment begins with students sharing their stories. “The big thing that brought me to Summit was how withdrawn I was” one student shared.

 “My anxiety and depression were at a point that I would spend most of my time in my room.  Just coming out of my room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, wasting my life away.”

The film follows the student’s treatment at Summit during the school day, group therapy as well as on wilderness therapy expedition. The segment shows how effective Summit’s treatment model is with anxiety and reinforces Summit outcome data.  The video also points to Summit’s history of being the first wilderness therapy program with an academic component, licensed clinicians, and its location in Maine.

The Today Show segment ends with the same two students (quoted above) sharing their experiences at Summit.

“Now anytime that I am having a hard moment what helps is I think, this is tough but at least it is not raining on me so I think I have one thing working for me and then I think about a lot more positives.”

The other “whenever I would get to the top of a mountain I would take some space and lookout and I would remember staring at the wall in my room and think “that was not beautiful” and look out at the beautiful landscape and say “this is what the world has to offer.”

The Summit Achievement community is proud of its students sharing their stories to help others on the Today Show.  We want to help you and your family as we have done so since 1996.